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Who Buys Cars, Trucks, & SUVs For Cash In New Bern NC And Craven County?

Who in New Bern NC and Craven County buys used vehicles (car, truck, SUV) for cash? The owner of this website pays cash for quality used cars, trucks, and SUVs to help maintain his inventory, and he buys regardless of whether you’re trading your vehicle in.

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If you live in this local area, please consider using the no registration form below to ask questions about this program and someone from our organization will reply within the hour. Additionally, later in this article we’ll touch briefly on which cars, trucks, SUVs, and Crossover we’re most interested in.

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When making contact with us, in the form please include your contact information, year, make, and model, mileage, any money owed, a VIN number, and statement on body damage and interior damage. Any other information is helpful.

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This offer includes Havelock, James City, Bridgeton, Vanceboro, Cherry Point, and smaller communities in Craven County NC.

In some cases, we can help sellers who owe more than a vehicle is worth if they are wanting to do a trade in situation. This first step is to use the contact us form in the menu and let’s talk.

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So what types vehicles are we looking for from Craven County NC and New Bern sellers?

Generally speaking, we’re looking for quality pre-owned year 2009 or newer with 140,000 miles or less from domestic manufactured automobiles, but there are exceptions.

Truck Inventory

Vehicles with major body damage or interior damage are not a good fit for us, nor are very high mileage cars, trucks, and SUVs.

We aren’t interested in what some people call “junk vehicles” which have very high mileage, major body damage, and are not running well. There are scrap metal and junk yards for those needs. We pay cash for quality.

The reason we shy away from foreign vehicles is they are costly to get parts and service them, which sometimes can decrease the amount of cash we can pay to sellers, and hurts our ability to sell them. But again, there are exceptions.

Again, our cash offer is for Havelock, James City, Bridgeton, Vanceboro, and other smaller communities near New Bern and Cherry Point.

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Please ask questions about our buyer program using the form below.

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