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Who Are Some Local Charter Fishing Guides For Inshore Waters in Carteret County NC?

If you are looking for some good local charter fishing guides for inshore waters near Carteret County NC, then hopefully this will be a good online resources for you. And, while we could list every local service that takes people to the good spots locally, we want readers to use the comment form at the bottom of this article to have ongoing discussions about their fishing trip experiences so that people can learn about the area and give their input on guides.

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You are also encouraged to ask questions and we will be happy to answer any questions. Also, please consider sharing this resource on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter so that others can join the conversation.

This article is going to focus on inshore waters and estuaries near Harkers Island, Cedar Island, Back Sound, Shackleford Banks, Cape Lookout, parts of the Pamlico Sound, Bogue Sound, Core Sound, and waterways near the Newport River, Beaufort Inlet, and areas near Emerald Isle and Cedar Point.

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Waters and barrier islands in Coastal NC near Carteret County NC have endless possibilities for charter fishing, but there are local guide services that know our waters well, know when certain species of fish are more active, and have historical knowledge of where certain species tend to be found for different times of the year.

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Additionally, these guides have decades of experiences in knowing what types of bait, artificial rigs and lures that work for species of fish that are found in our local inshore waters.

Whether you are looking to catch Redfish, Bluefish, Spanish and King Mackerel, Flounder, or Speckled Trout, our community is the place to do it.

There are just endless possibilities and we could write for days. So, it is best to ask questions, or if you are a local who grew up fishing near the Crystal Coast then we hope you will give other readers pointers on when certain fish run, their mating habits, and when it is best to fish on the bottom or troll.

Big Rock Information

If you are visiting the community on vacation and do not have experience in trying your luck with saltwater game fish, then start asking your questions and we will find answers to your questions and put you on the right track to find a local guide.


What is the best time of the year to catch flounder, redfish, speckled trout, Spanish mackerel and king mackerel?

What is the best time of year for bluefish and other species that are common along Coastal NC?

Which species of fish are more apt to be caught by trolling versus fishing on the bottom? What are some other techniques that work well locally?

What are some pointers when fishing waters near Cape Lookout, Back Sound, and Shackleford Banks versus waters in Bogue Sound, the Newport River, or the deep estuaries in Core Sound near Jarrett Bay, Cedar Island, North River, and Neuse River?

What are some Carteret County fishing guide services that you used in the past and had good experiences with that you recommend?

When considering types of boats that are perfect for inshore waters, what are your best recommendations?

What is the best season to fish NC coastal waters be in Spring, Summer, or Fall and late Fall months?

What are some waterways that are good spots that we failed to mention in this article?

Carteret County is rich when it comes to man made reefs and other artificial reefs especially near Cape Lookout and in the waters off Atlantic Beach and Emerald Isle. Knowing which of these reefs are known for the species of saltwater game fish you want to catch takes knowledge and it’s best to invest in a good guide who knows the equipment needed to be successful.

Which of the areas have you had good luck with?

Know Your Rigs

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