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Why Do People Go Fishing In The Gulf Stream Near NC? Outer Banks Discussions

This article serves as both a request for information and a place for readers to ask questions and get answers to why people go fishing along the Outer Banks of NC and specifically in the warm Gulf Stream waters offshore from Cape Hatteras, Ocracoke Island, Cape Lookout, and Carteret County.

To ask a question, simply scroll down to the comment form and fill out the fields and click the subscribe to comments field so that you can get notices of replies to this article. The process for answering questions is the same except you will choose the reply feature.

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Readers who regularly go big game fishing in NC offshore waters are also welcome to provide insights to those considering visiting the area and to have general discussions.

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Questions On The Gulf Stream Waters

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How many nautical miles is this area from Cape Lookout, Ocracoke Island, Cape Lookout, and Carteret County NC?

How many hours does it take to get to this area by boat?

What is the smallest boat you would consider taking to these waters safely?

What species of big game fish do people mostly find in NC offshore waters near this area?

What is the cost to get a charter fishing boat to take people to the Gulf Stream fishing for the whole day? What equipment and supplies do these charter boats typically supply?

What is it about these offshore waters that makes it such a good place to catch big game fish? Specifically, what is the difference in water temperature between the Gulf Stream and and areas outside of this area?

Aside from Blue Marlin, White Marlin, Sailfish, Swordfish, Tuna, and Wahoo, what others species of fish do fishermen seek out?

What are some safety concerns for fishing in these waters compared to fishing just 10-15 miles offshore?

Here in Carteret County we have the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament each year, but what are some other tournaments that are large and attract people from around the world to compete in?

What is the cost to fish in these tournaments versus renting a private charter for the day?

If you have an extensive history and knowledge about big game fishing, tell our readers about the types of equipment that is needed as it relates to rod and reels, types of line, and other equipment.

Give us your positive reviews of charter boats you used in the past to go fishing in the Gulf Stream. We will not publish negative reviews.

What species of fish that people catch offshore are edible or not edible? We know that Blue Marlin and White Marlin are not edible, but what about other Billfish?

If someone is visiting Coastal NC and wants to rent a charter boat, do you have to have a fishing license or does the boat have an umbrella license?

What are some very specific artificial reefs and shipwrecks that are popular places to go?

What specific times of the year is best to fish NC offshore waters? Or, what time of the year is best for specific species of fish?

We hear a lot about the plateaus, rocks, and canyons that make up the NC Gulf Stream waters, can you tell our readers more about this?

Tell us about your favorite rigging to use for big game species in these waters.

What are specific catch and release laws, regulations, or good practices are there for specific species?

What other frequently asked questions did we miss that is important when fishing this area?

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