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Williston NC In Carteret County – Local Down East Community Interest

Williston NC in Carteret County information and discussions on events, data, demographics, public interest, and news in this unincorporated down east community. Readers are invited to add information to this article by subscribing to and using the discussion form at the bottom, and sharing this document with friends and family on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter so more people can get tuned in to this location.

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Information and questions we hope to receive about Williston NC include historical landmarks, major roads, recreational activities, local events, news happening now, tourism related interest, government, and issues affecting this area which Carteret County Commissioners are addressing.

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Down East News Reports

This section is maintained for the introduction of news and other information about Williston NC we learn about after publications. If you’re an organization with an interest in submitting local news, please use the form below and we will transfer it to this section.

Demographics And Data

This community is a unincorporated area within the county sitting between Smyrna and Davis on Highway 70 near Jarrett Bay. Additionally, this area is primarily a residential community with no known businesses.

As a unincorporated area, this small town has no organized government and is under the authority of Carteret County Commissioners. Law enforcement is managed by the local sheriff’s department and highway patrol, with fire, EMS, and rescue operations being handled by volunteer organizations.

Williston is roughly 2.25 square miles in area, is located in the 252 area code, and has a zip code of 28589.

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Resident And Visitor Discussions

As a resident, what are some governmental issues that Carteret County Commissioners are focusing on, or need to focus on for this community?

As a resident who lives in this area and works in the commercial fishing industry, tell us more about the hertitage and culture of fishing for a living and harvesting shellfish like clams, oysters, and shrimp.

In the past 20 years, how much has Williston NC grown, and what do you think this community will look like once growth and development occurs around the Interstate 42 project?

What are some well known historical landmarks and public interest locations in this town? Where are they located?

Thinking about recreational activities for adults and children, where are some noted parks, places to exercise, and nature trails to explore the area?

Are there any public boat ramps people can use to access waterways near Jarrett Bay, Broad Creek, Great Creek, and Wade Creek?

What is the history centered around Williston NC and it’s ties to local boat building, farming, and hunting?

If someone is planning to travel or vacation in this area, what public interest locations and landmarks do you recommend seeing?

Are there any annual events or festivals that celebrate the commercial fishing industry, the boat building industry, or other heritage and culture related interest?

Where are the closest opportunities for lodging centered around RV parks, campgrounds, motels, and hotels?

How far of a drive is it to other down east communities such as Harkers Island, Sea Level, Stacy, and Cedar Island?

Considering hurricanes, tropical storms, and other weather events, is this community a major flood zone and is this area routinely under mandatory evacuation orders when tropical storms and hurricanes are forecast for the area? What needs to happen, if any, to help mitigate flooding in this low-lying area?

What other information or questions do you have about Williston NC which we did not talk about in this article? Use the comments form below to let us know.

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