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Winter Time In Carteret County NC. Anything To Do?

What is Winter like at the Carteret County NC beaches? In December, January, and February, the Winter months in the county are very quiet with many businesses closing and few events compared to the tourism season. Additionally, traffic is very light especially on Bogue Banks (Atlantic Beach to Emerald Isle).

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Key Points

Winter Months In The County Are Quiet

Again, the months we’re going to focus on in this article are December, January, and February because November still has some warm days and a trickle of tourism related visits. It’s also important to note that most municipalities on Bogue Banks open up the ability for people to drive on the beaches (with a municipal permit) which does attract some visitors who enjoy sightseeing from the beach and who fish. November being included in the Fall months will certainly take many of our friends from the North by surprise.

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So of the 3 months in this article, December is the most seasonal with some warm enough days to take a walk along the waterfront in Morehead City and Beaufort, and for the properly insulated, a walk on some of our beaches. This is a great time of the year to find those rare seashells and shark teeth which are newly uncovered since the crowds left.

Other than that, look for the Christmas flotilla just before the 25th. The flotilla is an event where people decorate their boats in festive lights and sail from the Morehead waterfront to the Beaufort waterfront much to the delight of onlookers.

Don’t Worry, Spring Is Just Around The Corner!


On January 1st, some well intentioned people dress in Summer clothing and run in to the icy waters on Atlantic Beach to raise money for charity during the annual Penguin Plunge, and that’s pretty exciting to see. Otherwise, not many events to see after that in Carteret County NC.


And in February, don’t expect anything. Most people stay at home and eat clam chowder and something with shrimp in it.

If you visited our local area in the Winter, what are some things you found to do in any of the Carteret County NC communities? Add them below and we’ll be happy to include them in this article.

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