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Wrightsville Beach NC Places To See And Visit – City And Town Things To Do

What are some places to see when visiting Wrightsville Beach NC? What are some fun things to do for kids and families around town locally?

In this article, we are going to ask a lot of questions, and our hope is that local residents will find this article and answer many of the questions we have in this document. And, we hope those that are planning a family vacation or personal vacation to Wrightsville Beach NC will use the discussion form at the bottom to both ask questions, then after you leave the local area tell us about your visit to the NC beaches.

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Beach Walking And Sea Shells

For many decades, kids and families have loved to walk beaches looking for rare sea shells and no doubt your children probably love it too. In this section we are looking for specific areas that you were able to find a wealth of intact sea shells and sharks teeth and give us some pointers on specific techniques you used to discover the really good ones. Here is a good hint, to find the really rare sea shells, look in the sand dunes.

Local Fishing Piers

What are the locations of some good fishing piers at this beach? What is the cost to fish for an entire day and are these piers open all night? Did you need a fishing license to fish at any of the local piers? What types of fish did you catch? Do any of the local piers offer services where they will clean fish you caught? What type of bait did you use? We know about Johnnie Mercers Pier, but what are some other that you discovered while on family vacation?

Kids Parks And Recreation

While visiting Wrightsville Beach NC, what local kids parks and playgrounds did you discover? What are their names? Which ones are located close to the beach areas, and which are more inland? What type of recreational activities are also at these parks? Do any offer inclusive technology play areas and which allow leashed pets?

Sandy Beach Fishing

If you opted out of fishing from one of the local piers, beach fishing (or surf fishing) is a common favorite for kids and parents as it is very fun and relaxing. If you were able to find time to sit on the beach and fish in the surf, tell us some good areas to go? Again, what types of bait did you use and what types of fish did you catch? Do you need a state fishing license to fish from the beach?

Inshore Charter Boats

The NC coast is a highly sought after area for recreational fishing and there are an abundance of fish to catch in our waters. However, the best way to find the types of species is to utilize a local guide who takes people fishing in inshore waters. Did you charter any fishing boats on your family vacation? What was the cost for a half day versus full day? Did the charter boat you use supply all your fishing gear? What areas around Wrightsville Beach did you go?

Johnnie Mercers Pier location
Johnnie Mercers Pier

Offshore Charter Boats

If you are in search of larger fish and different species of fish, then you may want to consider renting a offshore charter fishing boat to go after fish like Blue Marlin, Swordfish, Tuna, and Wahoo. If you looked in to chartering a offshore boat, what are the prices and names of some local captains and fishing boats that take people offshore?

Wrightsville Beach Surfing Locations

On your family vacation visit to Wrightsville Beach, did you or your kids learn to surf? If so that’s great because it is really fun and actually great exercise. Kids not accustomed to living at the beach are fascinated with surfing, so give others reading this article some good hints on where to catch some good waves either using a boogie board or traditional surfboard. And, tell us about local that offer lessons.

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Things To Do At The NC Aquarium

North Carolina has several aquariums along the entire coast, and the one in this area is the NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher. Of all the things to do at the beach for kids, this is probably going to be one of their favorites. The Fort Fisher aquarium offers children insights on many of the marine mammals that swim our waters, and they can also get a good learning experience about endangered and vulnerable sea turtles and their nesting habits. And of course, they have an awesome shark tank, sea otter tank, and other species for kids to learn about. Plan on spending a good half day at the aquarium.

Places To See A Lighthouse

If the Fort Fisher aquarium is your kids favorite place for activities, then for parents, the two area lighthouses will likely be your top favorite. There are three local options to see these beautiful structures. The first is the Oak Island Lighthouse about an hours drive, Cape Fear Lighthouse which sits at the mouth of the Cape Fear River, and the Old Baldy Lighthouse which is the oldest in coastal NC. This historic structure also sits at the mouth of the Cape Fear River. All of these lighthouses are a great day trip to learn about NC history. Be sure to inquire about tours and information on climbing these lighthouses.

Waterpark Attractions

The Jungle Rapids Family Fun Park is located at 5320 Oleander Dr, Wilmington, NC 28403 and their phone number is 910-791-0666. This amusement park offers a water park theme, go-kart course, laser tag, mini-golf, jungle gym, arcade, and more. This is the only amusement park that we know about, so hopefully in the local recommendations section below someone living in the area will leave information about other kids attractions in the community.

Other Coastal Tourism Locations

Public Golf Course Locations

So, the kids won’t get much fun out of playing golf, but certainly parents will. There are numerous golf courses near Wrightsville Beach NC and we are requesting information from locals and past visitors to these courses. Which are open to the public? Which are 9 hole courses and which are 18 hole courses? For the public courses, what is the cost?

Water Sports – Kayaking, Paddleboard, Canoeing, Parasailing

When visiting Wrightsville Beach NC, there are endless opportunities for water sports by way of kiteboarding, paddleboarding, jet skiing, kayaking, parasailing, and canoeing. The great thing about the NC coast is that we have beautiful barrier islands, inshore sounds, and protected estuaries that allow for calm waters that allow for recreation on the open water. Where are some local businesses that rent kayaks, canoes, paddleboards, jet skis, and take people on parasailing adventures?

Wrightsville Beach Amusement Parks, Arcades, And Entertainment

We mentioned Jungle Rapids Family Fun Park earlier which offers kids attractions and things to do, but what are some other options locally for water slide activity, bumper boats, and kart racing? Are there any big standalone arcades? Are there any parks that offer roller coasters, a Ferris Wheel, and other rides?

Things To Do On Local Barrier Islands

Of all the places to see in the local community, the many barriers islands are popular attractions for people that loves exploring local marshlands, coastal estuaries, and coastal habitats that offer the perfect opportunity for hiking, kayaking and canoeing, SUP, bird watching, and fishing. Some local barrier islands to consider are Masonboro Island, Shell Island, and Figure Eight Island. So go ahead and rent a boat or jet ski and explore, then come back and use the discussion form below to tell us about your adventure.

Places To See And Rent Go Karts Or Play Putt Putt Golf

Again, other than Jungle Rapids Family Fun Park, we know of no other putt putt golf courses and go-kart tracks for kids. But, we are sure there has to be smaller local amusement parks in the area. When you find them, let us know!

Sandy Beach Access Public
Public Beach Access

Places To Rent A Boat, Kayak, Canoe, Or Jet Ski

As we stated earlier, the coastal waters, saltwater marshes and estuaries are seemingly endless along the NC coast and having a boat, kayak, or jet ski opens up so much more opportunities for fun things to do. But, if you have neither of these craft, you have to rent one. So we are asking locals and those that have visited the Cape Fear region to tell us about local businesses that rent boats, rent jet skis, and rent either kayaks or canoes. If you get the opportunity to experience any of this, be sure to tell us about your adventure.

Local Town Movie Theaters

In this section we are simply looking for the address and location of local movie theaters that families and kids can watch a good movie while visiting the area.

Wrightsville Beach NC Shopping Locations

When visiting Wrightsville Beach NC, what are some good local shopping malls, specialty stores, beach themed stores, and other retail stores that cater to tourism type products? When you came here on vacation, what types of products did you buy? If you are local to the area, what recommendations do you have for beach shopping?

Things To Do At Local Museums

Museums are always fun and we have our share of many in the area, but if you are visiting on vacation, both parents and kids will love our local Maritime Museums which can teach you all about the coastal Cape Fear region, about shipwrecks in the area, pirates that sailed our waters 2 centuries ago, about marine mammals, and a ton of other educational opportunities. What are some that stand out for you?

Local Recommendations

So now it’s the local residents turn to give recommendations on things to do, things to see, and kids activities when visiting Wrightsville Beach NC.

Using the discussion form below, tell our readers about the local lighthouses at Oak Island and Cape Fear, what needs to happen to be able to climb these structures.

What are some amusement parks, putt putt golf, bumper boats, go kart racing, water slides, and arcades that we missed in this article?

Who do you recommend for parasailing, or for renting boats, jet skis, SUP, kayaks, and canoes? What local barrier islands do you recommend visiting and why?

Which local fishing piers have exceptional amenities for those visiting the NC coast? Which charter fishing boats do you recommend?

When it comes to kids activities on the beach, be it searching for sea shells, sharks teeth, or beach fishing, what are some areas that you recommend?

What are some good local options for renting a surfboard, or to get lessons on how to surf?

What are some other places to experience while on vacation?

What questions do you have?

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