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Zoning Ordinances In Carteret County NC And Public Comments

General public comments relating to Carteret County NC zoning ordinances, special use and mixed-use permits, land use, and issues before county commissioners which have the potential to impact residential, commercial business, marine, waterfront, business, industrial, and recreational interests in the county.

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This article will focus only on Carteret County unincorporated areas and those within the government jurisdiction, and will not focus on municipal zoning ordinances and special use permits where town councils have legal authority.

Additionally, this website is publicly owned and not a function of government, thus all official statements, requests, and questions should be made to the county manager or commissioners.

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Considering the Interstate 42 project and announced military expansion at Camp Lejeune and Cherry Point, Carteret County has the potential to see explosive population, commercial business, technology, tourism, and residential construction growth and development in the next 20 years.

Undoubtedly, this is going to create special considerations for county commissioners and other government interests in the area of established zoning ordinances, special use permits, applications for changes to existing districts, requests for mixed-use districts, and many other potential legal considerations for residents, businesses, developers, and investors.

And, it’s important to note many of the considerations will have to satisfy Coastal Area Management Act (CAMA) guidelines for land use.

We think it’s important the public has a place to express their insights, suggestions, objections, and concerns to planned growth and development within this jurisdiction.

If you’re a government official wishing to use the comments form below using your credentials, please use the contact form in the menu above to make contact with us so we can verify your information so we can create you an account on this website.

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Potential zoning impacts include new subdivisions and residential construction, new commercial business construction, industrial parks, RV parks and campgrounds, establishing density for residential areas to satisfy housing needs for a larger population, marine industrial parks, tourism, and protecting the environment under CAMA guidelines.

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Residential & Commercial Zoning In Carteret NC

District Types

  • RA – Rural Agricultural District.
  • R-35 – Low Density Residential.
  • R-20 – Low to Moderate Density Residential.
  • R-15 -Moderate Density Residential.
  • R-15M – Same as above, but permitting manufactured homes.
  • R-10 – High Density Residential.
  • R-5W – Waterfront Residential District.
  • C-C – Church or Campus.
  • OP – Office or Professional.
  • R-B – Residential Business.
  • B-3 – Planned Business.
  • B-2 – Marine Business.
  • B-1A – General Business District allowing for some residential uses.
  • B-1 – General Business District.
  • MC – Planned manufactured home and recreational vehicle park district.
  • RCP – Recreational camper park district.
  • LIW – Light industrial wholesale district.
  • P-I – Port-industrial District.
  • I-W – industrial and wholesale.

County Special Use Permits

The request of a special use permit application is a procedure by which an applicant asks commissioners to allow development outside the established zoning district parameters if said development meets special considerations which could benefit established parameters.

Special use permits are often mistaken for procedures in which applicants ask government officials to totally change a district designation.


In thinking about the potential for explosive growth and development, a larger population, the need for new business and residential communities and subdivisions within a fixed land mass, what potential conflicts do you see arising in the future as it relates to zoning in Carteret County NC?

What current districts do you see changing? For example, from R-35 to R-10, B-1 to B1A, or from RCP to MC?

As a developer or investor in the area, what is the exact procedure to request a special use permit and how long does this process take?

Considering commercial development, what considerations are there for people who want to start new businesses in the county?

Do you see more districts changing from low density housing to high density housing because of growth?

Which unincorporated communities in Carteret NC are likely to see major zoning changes?

How well are conservationist and environmentalist and developers and investors working together to solve problems?

What implications are there for manufactured homes and manufactured home communities? Where do tiny homes fit in?

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